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ArborRevolutions was founded in early 2019 with a single mission:

reconnect leaders to nature's wisdom.

We believe that creating deep connections is the first step to successful problem solving and that nature has so much to teach us about how we connect and create. 

At ArborRevolutions, we approach each of our clients and projects with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies that empower leaders at all levels to be stewards of creativity and conservation.

Led by our Founder, Cate Johnson, we collaborate with organizations around the world. A skilled and passionate human-centered designer, Cate believes in co-creating solutions with and for the people with whom we want to impact.

From launching the largest innovation and technology conference in western Canada to managing global non-profit strategies, Cate is a change-maker driven by empathy, creative confidence, and inspired by the beauty of our natural world. Cate has coached leaders from NASA, NFL athletes, non-profit to corporate executives, and leaders of all ages around the world to value and employ the mindsets and methods of innovation in their work.

Empathy is at the center of the problems we solve, and you'll see Cate's grounded vulnerability and love of nature-infused throughout much of ArborRevolutions' offerings and activities. For more on Cate, visit her personal website: 

Let's connect about how we might collaborate!

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